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10 Gorgeous and Splurgy Gifts

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Looking for a generous gift?

We've got some ideas

If you really want to bring a sparkle to a woman's eye in 2020, you may need to resort to cashmere, sterling silver, sumptuous leather or, um, moisture-wicking socks? These gorgeous items are among the most jaw-dropping pieces in we've got in store this season.

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Brodie Rainbow Foil Crew Cashmere, $475 - $595. Three colours available. 

A woman wears a beige sweater with rainbow paint splatter design.


Pyrrha Embrace Change Sterling Pendant, $286. Many more Pyrrha designs available, starting at $165. 

A pendant is shown, with a card that reads Embrace Change. This talisman features a diamond-shaped shield with four crescent moons, which symbolize new beginnings and the making of dreams into reality. Embrace change and good things will happen."


Brodie Whisper Faith Jogger, $250, and Sweater $250.

A woman wears a white jogging suit with rainbow stripes on the shoulders and down the legs.


Dinadi Felted Cashmere Scarf, $230.  

A woman wears a light blue scarf. It has a tiny fringe.


Toad & Co. "I'm With Her" Pyjama Set, $130.  

A pair of pyjamas is shown. The T-shirt reads: "I'm With Her" and shows a picture of the globe. The pants are red and black checked.


Richmond Hill Leather Mitts, $80. 

A pair of leather gloves with a bit of fur trim around the wrists is shown.


Coeur De Lion Rose Gold Necklace, $175 Bracelet, $125, Earrings, $90. Many more Coeur De Lion designs available. 

A delicate necklace, bracelet and earrings are shown.


 Princesse et Dragon Poppy Scarf, $85. Several colours available. 

A woman wears a scarf with a blue and gold pattern around her neck..


Diadem Peak Hat, $75. Look closely to see the rhinestones! Available in Black, Beige, Plum and Light Grey 

A beige hat is shown, with tiny rhinestones on the body of the hat, and a fur pompom on top.


Smartwool Sulawesi Hike Ultralight Socks, $24. Many styles and colours available. 

A pair of patterned socks is shown.



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