About Us

Jo Gordon, the original Resonator.

Our Story

Founded in 2005 by Jo Gordon in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, Resonance helps people fill their wardrobes with clothes that look and feel great for a long time.

We help you shop according to your personal values to create a wardrobe that truly works for your life. Whether it's comfort, colour, sustainability, luxury, or affordability that floats your fashion boat, we can help.

To curate a constantly changing collection for both women and men, we feature Canadian,  European and U.S. brands, many of which are working toward a more responsible fashion future.

Our boutique is located in a historic building in downtown Stratford and is filled with natural light and positive energy. 

We'd love to see you in person! But in the meantime, we also ship across Canada and to international locations from our always-open web shop.

What is Resonance?

You know what we mean by Resonance, right?

Seeing a woman's body language change when she's found the exact right outfit for her is so rewarding that we’ve named our store after the phenomenon!

Those jeans, that sweater, the jacket that never fails? You put them together into an outfit .... and soon you're vibrating at the exact right frequency. That's Resonance.

You look good, sure. But it's not about what you're wearing. It's about how you feel in what you’re wearing. You feel more like you

Service is our centre

Customer service is at the heart of what we do. 

We resonate with what you need and want, focusing on service rather than selling. We know our inventory, and we love to share our style knowledge. We respond on all channels, including online, email, phone and Facebook messenger.

Get to know us

Jo Gordon

Resonance founder Jo Gordon has been a shop owner in Stratford for more than 30 years, continuing a family legacy of retail in Stratford that stretches back four generations.

Jo acts as head buyer and finds joy in sourcing high-quality brands that mingle together to create a diverse collection. Every season is different, but she always manages to create visual connections between this season and last, helping customers build on their existing wardrobes while adding new styles to the mix.

Jo lives in Stratford with her family. Her husband Craig Foster owns Foster’s Inn, a boutique inn and restaurant just down the street from Resonance. Her personal style is comfortable luxury, and she owns a few too many striped tops. She also likes yoga, book club, skiing, lakes, and boating.

Jo's favourite brands: Smartwool and Nic + Zoe

Cindy Vancoillie

Cindy has been a Resonance staff member since 2013. She’s great at helping customers find pieces that fit their personal style, using gentle questions and a sense of humour to get to know them. She loves numbers and is great at tracking our inventory. That’s no small feat!

Cindy likes to select her outfits the night before. It makes getting dressed in the morning easier. Her personal style tends to the casual and comfortable, favouring jeans and a top with a standout belt. She lives in Stratford, where she likes to cook, golf, and hang out with her kids and grandchildren.

Cindy's favourite brand: Part Two

Maggie Foster

Maggie has been a familiar face at Resonance since the early days, though not always as a staff member. She’s Jo’s daughter!

Maggie has a Bachelor of Arts from York University in Business and Society, with specialization in corporate social responsibility, public relations and social change. After graduating, she spent time in British Columbia, getting diverse experience by working at a vineyard, a pub and a farm. She returned to Stratford in 2020 to contribute to Resonance’s web store and social media presence.

Maggie’s style is casual and laid back. She knows how to work a plaid shirt, but she’s been known to dress up a little for her musical performances. She’s an avid singer and loves to engage with fellow music lovers by organizing inclusive open mic events around Stratford.

Maggie's favourite brands: Armed Angels and Toad & Co.

Madelyn McCabe

Madelyn has been working at Resonance since 2023, when she returned to working after a few years of caring for her young son. She loves how people are in a happy mood when they enter Resonance. She also finds satisfaction in helping someone who might not usually feel confident in their clothes find an outfit that makes them resonate.

As an experienced dancer, Madelyn is great at making video and photo content for our website. The biggest challenge of making content, she says, is that she always wants to buy what she puts on! She lives in Stratford with her son and also spends time dancing and teaching dance. 

Madelyn's favourite brands: Indi & Cold and Vuori

Jan Gerrie

Jan has been a Resonance staff member since the spring of 2023. She loves to connect with customers, and says working at Resonance is “like having a whole bunch of sisters and a really big closet.” She especially loves to connect with folks who are older, and is always thrilled when mother-daughter teams shop together. 

Jan describes herself as a jeans and T-shirt person at heart, but she’s exploring how to add dresses into her wardrobe. She finds that winter is a great time to experiment with dresses because you can wear them over tights. Also, sweater dresses! 

Jan's favourite brands: Kut From The Kloth and Jag Jeans


If you love people and fashion, and enjoy working independently as well as in a team, you’ll fit right in at Resonance. We offer part-time and full-time work at competitive pay.

We appreciate retail experience, but we're prepared to train you on the ins and outs of a specific role, which may include contributions to our bricks-and-mortar store, our web store, and our social media presence. Comfort with computers is a must, and an interest in photography gives an edge.

Interested in working with us? Send your resume by email, and tell us what you loved about your past work experiences.