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  • 7 Fall Trends You'll Want to Wear Right Now

    The season's trends are starting to emerge. Which ones will work for you? 
  • Indi & Cold takes a slow approach to naturally beautiful fashion

    Over the past few seasons,  Indi & Cold has slowly become a Resonator favourite. And it makes perfect sense that the fan club has grown slowly. The Spanish label’s approach to fashion features natural fibres, slower artisanal processes and handmade details.
  • Performance fabrics make fashion functional

    Over the past decade, fabrics for activewear and casual clothing have become more advanced and versatile. Since things have changed so much over the past few years, we thought you might want to know a bit about what to look for in a performance fabric and how to care for it.

  • A Bright Future Lies Ahead

    If you believe what fashion has to say this season, the grass truly is greener on the other side. We're loving the vibrant, verdant shades that are bursting up in store this season. But it's not just green. We're also seeing orange and bright blue, plus a few blooms of lavender.
  • Resonance Gift Guide

    Wondering which special something would express your undying appreciation for someone you love this holiday? Or maybe you're making a wish list for yourself. Either way, we can help.
  • Pretty & Easy Party Outfit Ideas for 2022

    To celebrate the season of sequins, we asked our favourite Resonator Dayna Manning to show us how to work the comfy Christmas trend. She combined clothing from Part Two's holiday collection with pieces by her favourite jewellery designer, Hailey Gerrits, for this festive photoshoot.
  • Shop to win a wardrobe refresh

    Cue trumpets!

    We can barely contain our excitement about the new Part Two collection that arrived earlier this week.

    Maybe it's the brilliant blue colour that runs through the collection. Perhaps it's the flattering pant fits. Or could it be the mix of unique patterns and classic solids?

    Whatever it is, we love it.

  • In trousers we trust

    Your ideal work outfit may change from job to job, season to season, life stage to life stage. And your self-imposed wardrobe rules can be as flexible as you like. But it's a good idea at the beginning the of each season, when you're buying work clothes, to at least imagine that you have a uniform.
  • Why linen is having its moment

    After many years of playing a supporting role to cotton's leading lady, it seems linen has recently been cast as the star of our everyday outfits. Our latest blog post explores why this ancient fabric is suddenly everywhere in the fashion world these days. Hint: It's a mindful fashion moment.
  • The Perfect Tank Top

    We hope our latest blog post makes it easier for you to find the perfect tank top ... perfect for you, that is!

  • Sustainable Textiles 101

    Resonance works with North American and European brands that are innovating with fabrics to work toward a more sustainable fashion future. That means that when you read the materials labels on the garments we sell, you'll see words you might not recognize! This blog post is designed to help.
  • What do YOU wish for?

    What do you wish for? That's what your loved ones want to know. That's what we want to know, too!

    To get you thinking about it, we gathered the most giftable items in the store for a holiday photo shoot. It was exciting to see them all resonating together.