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10 adorable and affordable gifts that will make giving easy

Looking for gifts for under $60?

We've got you covered

These adorable accessories are one-size-fits-all, which makes them ideal for gift-giving. This year, shoppers are also on the lookout for for small, light items that are easy to wrap, pack and ship. We are ready to help.

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1. Resonance Gift Certificate, available in any denomination of $10. Order a gorgeous print version like the one below. Or send a digital version.

A man holds a decorated envelope. It is wrapped in brown and bronze paper and has bronze ribbon.

2. Wristlet Wallet, $30. Perfect for giving a gift certificate. Available in Bordeaux, Navy, Sage, Mustard, Blush and Black

Two wallets are shown. One is red and one is black. They both have shoulder straps attached, and a separate wrist loop is shown in front.

3. Adjustable Leather Cord Metal Necklace, $26. Available in Silver, Rose Gold Mix, and Gold Mix.

A pendant is shown. Three metal loops of irregular shape hangs from a black leather thong.

4. Shiny Metallic Ball Earrings, $13. Available in SilverRose Gold and Gold.

Three pairs of earrings are shown. They are small metallic balls. One pair is silver, one pair is rose gold, and one pair is gold.

5. Hue Fairisle Boot Socks, $12. Available in Grey and Black.

Two pairs of socks are shown. They have a snowflake design. The pair on the left is grey with white snowflakes, and the pair on the right is black with white snowflakes..

6. Plaid Scarf, $40. Available in NaturalNavy, and Black .

The image shows three plaid scarves rolled into cute balls.

7. Thymes Frasier Fir Hand Cream, $16.

A tube of Frasier Fir hand cream is shown in front of its box, which features green fir needles.,

8. Sutton Fleece-Lined Leather Mittens in Red or Black, $60.

Two pairs of leather gloves are shown. One is red and one is black.

9. Considerate Goods Holiday Mask, $34. Many colours available.

A woman wears a red mask. She holds a wrapped Christmas gift.

10. Smartwool Isto Retro Beanie, $45. 

A pompom toque is shown. It has three stripes. The top is light grey, the middle is dark grey, and the band of the hat is heathered black. It has a pompom.


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