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Is Your Holiday Closet Fancy, Fun — or a Bit of Both?

Featuring Dayna Manning

Dayna stands near a table that is set for the holidays. She holds a wine glass and smiles.
 Photos by Michael Steingard.

To spark your festive wardrobe, we recently collaborated with one of the most stylish Resonators we know – musician and creative entrepreneur Dayna Manning. Against the serene backdrop of Riverwalk Commons in downtown St. Marys, Dayna worked some magic with special pieces from our Night Out collection.

Sometimes fancy feels right

Formal parties, fundraisers and other dressy affairs require a dose of glamour. Dresses, sequins, leather, jewellery, patterned shawls, fur and leather will help your outfits seem appropriate for these big occasions. 

Dayna places some mistletoe. She wears a red velvet dress.
Dayna wears a velvet stunner called the Viggase Dress.

Sometimes fun is the vibe

Meanwhile, more intimate gatherings like dinner parties and boozy brunches are a chance to combine your party sparkle with knits, leggings and dark denim. These are outfits that emphasize an inner radiance but still acknowledge that it's a special occasion.  

Dayna is shown in a cozy sweater sitting in a windowsill beside a holiday tree.
Some parties require a cozy sweater, like the Lisae Cardigan, and some Smartwool socks.

Ideally, it's both!

This year, we're helping Resonators build outfits using separates that will work for both of these kinds of events. By combining your fanciest items with more casual pieces you'll get more wear out of each item and have more versatile party options.

Dayna wears Hailey Gerrits jewellery.
The Caska Sequin Blazer is an incredibly versatile party piece.

Winter parties require layers

Comfort and style always go hand in hand for our customers, and in winter, that means warmth. A stylish cardigan, a patterned shawl, or a cozy knitted vest becomes the secret to braving the chilly nights. Even a pullover sweater in a celebratory colour can become a party piece.

Dayna wears a pullover sweater.

A unique Zaket & Plover sweater does the trick.

Sparkle is the finishing touch

Stunning jewellery or a silk scarf can also add a sense of celebration to an outfit that would otherwise look like an everyday affair. These accessories are also easy to carry in a tote bag if you're going an after-work event and need to get dressed on the way. 

Dayna puts on a pair of earrings.
The sateen Cocamia Blazer adds a touch of fancy to any outfit.

Choose an outfit that suits you

We hope this inspires you to find ways to resonate – to feel more like you – when you dress up. Evolving your personal style for the life you actually live is a life-long process. The holidays are a good chance to explore how you’ve changed this year.

Dayna opens the door to a guest wearing a silk scarf around her shoulders.
A Floral Silk Scarf adds instant luxury to any outfit. 



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