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Resonance Gift Guide

Text reads Gift Guide 2023

Wondering which special something would express undying appreciation for someone you love this holiday? Or maybe you're looking to drop a hint for a someone who wants to give you a gift. Either way, we can help. 

We're sharing a gift idea each day in our socials from now until Christmas Eve. We'll add each gift of the day to the top of this blog post, too, so you can see them all in one place. 



Give the gift of freedom this year ❄️ Your special someone will be able to choose their own gift from their favourite store, without the hassle of returns and exchanges. 

We love to wrap cardboard gift cards for shoppers in our bricks-and-mortar store. If you visit us before Christmas, we are happy to oblige. A hand-personalized cardboard gift card has a tactile appeal that makes the unwrapping extra special.

An image is shown of a cardboard gift card. It reads: Resonance - Where Style and Spirit Meet To: Someone special.

Our hand-wrapped cardboard gift cards come with a cute reindeer clip.

You can also purchase gift cards online, and this year, the experience is smoother and more personalized than ever before. We've added the option to personalize the gift card and schedule the digital delivery directly to the recipient's email at whatever time works best for you. 




C'est Moi is a Canadian brand that creates a perfect wardrobe staple: One-size-fits-most leggings! We carry three different weights, so there is literally a pair for any weather.

The Bamboo High Waisted Leggings are super soft and breathable. They're great for year-round wear.

The Bamboo Fleece Lined Leggings are great for the coldest winter days. They have the same stretchy, seamless style as the classic Bamboo High Waisted Leggings, but with an extra boost of warmth.

The Sherpa Lined Leggings are thicker and truly the best for that someone who is always chilly this time of year. People prefer these for outdoor wear, as they might be a bit warm to wear by a crackling fire.

As Madelyn shows in this video, C'est Moi leggings are idea for wearing under a skirt or a dress to get to and from the party. Remove them to reveal fancy fishnets or sheer stockings when you arrive. Or not!

If you're feeling generous, C'est Moi's Bamboo Tanks and 3/4 Sleeve Tops are an ideal add-on gift. These colourful underlayers add warmth up top. They work well under sheer blouses and cropped or thin sweaters. With their long silhouette, they're great for covering your lower back on really cold days. 



Men need beautiful accessories in their lives, too. For the male luxury lover in your life, may we recommend a pair of leather mitts? The Montreal brand Brume's Richmond Hill Mitts and Liard Gloves are incredibly soft. They're made of leather, which is extremely long-lasting.

These mitts will provide a lifetime of warmth provided you take good care of them. Here's our blog post about caring for leather clothing and accessories. Pro tip: Baby wipes work great to wipe away dirt or food.

A man is shown wearing leather mitts in black. He has his hands clasped in front of his body.
The Richmond Hill Mitts have a minimal style.

For active men, who might be more focused on wet-weather protection and quick-dry qualities, nylon mitts or gloves are a better option.

Smartwool's Smartloft Mittens and Smartloft Gloves are lined with Merino wool for warmth, with nylon outer layers provide protection from the wind. They're light to carry and readily packable, ideal for outings where he might be carrying his warm accessories in a pack some of the time.

Various mens mitts and gloves are shown.
Browse our Mens Accessories category to see all the options. 

Smartwool's Ridgeway Gloves are inspired by traditional work gloves. These gloves are supremely functional for days that are full of activity. With leather on the outside and Merino on the inside, they're great for all-day cold-weather activities like snowboarding and skiing. And thanks their touchscreen capabilities, your gift recipient won't need to remove them to use his phone.

Smartwool's Ridgeway gloves are shown on a man. They are made of leather.Smartwool's Ridgeway Gloves are made of leather.



The Jamie bag from Lolë is a great gift. It has lots of organizing pockets, a stretchy key lanyard, and it's adjustable so you can wear it either as a cross-body bag or as a bum bag. 

Tap the video to see Maggie showing the inside of the bag!

Bags are extra fun to give as gifts because it's so fun to stock them full of special extras like mints, lip balm, and a Thread card carrier before wrapping. So fun to unwrap!




Dayna Manning puts on earrings while looking in a mirror.
Dayna Manning is a fan of Hailey Gerrits jewellery. 

Handmade in Vancouver, Canada, Hailey Gerrits jewellery combines vintage brass and gem stones, but always with a bit of an edge. There is no other designer who makes jewellery like this.

All the jewel tones 

Hailey Gerrit's Fall / Winter collection for 2023 creates a moody vibe with combinations of irregularly shaped stones of Ruby, Malachite, Lapis and Pyrite. They're stunning and so elegant. 

Hailey Gerrits

Dayna wears the Boreal Bracelet, The Forest Charm 4 in 1 Necklace, the Faunus Necklace and the Elswyth Drop Earrings

Which one would you choose? Give your Santa 🎁 a tip by letting us know what's on your wish list. We'll help Santa find the exact right one.




People can’t get enough of V.Frass’ woven scarves in patented Cashmink. They are wonderfully comfortable to wear, and a vibrant update to any winter coat.

This versatile and cozy scarf can be worn in a variety of styles: in a casual loop around the neck, tucked in like an infinity-scarf, or as a trendy accessory for extra warmth draped over the shoulders. The acrylic fibres used here are finer than cashmere, with the same soft warmth at a much better value.


Tap the video to see Madelyn styling the colourful Divided Dot scarves! More Cashmink styles are available on our website.



Based in Encinitas, California, Vuori's vibe incorporates fitness and loungey pieces into a collection Resonators have been loving since we started carrying it earlier this year. The brand first became Insta-famous for their buttery soft womens' Performance Joggers. And Vuori fans love a good co-ord set. Add the Halo Performance Hoodie for a very happy—and comfy—gift recipient.

Tap the video to see Madelyn wearing all the colours! She's also wearing the Vuori Energy T. More comfy Vuori styles are available on our website.



Todays feature is the one-and-only Pyrrha pendant.

Inspired by antique wax seals, this Vancouver jewellery brand's talismans are rich in meaning gleaned from heraldry. Each piece comes with a special meaning card, making this a sentimental gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Dayna Manning sits at a window looking out. She wears a Pyrrha pendant around her neck. She holds a cup of tea and smiles.
Dayna Manning wears the Nightingale pendant by Pyrrha.

There is a perfect Pyrrha talisman for everyone. For example, during our photoshoot in St. Marys, Dayna wore the the Nightingale talisman, whose meaning card reads, “Beak open in song, the nightingale encourages the wearer to let the beauty of their voice be heard, even in the darkest hours.” It suits such a songbird as Dayna.

The Nightingale pendant is shown close up. It's a silver-coloured metal and has a round shape. The design shows a bird in song.

Browse the Pyrrha page on our website to find the perfect talisman for your recipient.

A sweet and sustainable gift 

The couple that founded Pyrrha work in their Vancouver studio alongside a talented team of jewellery artisans and puts sustainability at the centre of their production. Pyrrha casts in-house, with 100% recycled precious metals, is a certified B Corp, a Living Wage employer (just like us🤭), and a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

If your recipient is sustainably minded, they will love this gift!



Smartwool’s Active Fleece Wind Mitten has you covered!

Dayna Manning is shown wearing Black mitts. She also wears a white poncho-style jacket. She smiles at the camera.

Dayna Manning wears the Smartwool Active Fleece Mitts.

Soft-brushed Merino next to skin and a windproof overlay keep your hands safe and warm. There are also reflective elements around the wrist of these mittens. Plus, the thumb and index finger are touchscreen-compatible, just in case you want to snap a Christmas selfie or two!

Smartwool Active Wind Mitts are shown. They have grippy texture on the palm, and a reflective stripe at the wrist.

Browse for these Smartwool mitts and more in Mitts & Gloves collection.  

Who are you shopping for?

Our Mitts and Gloves section for women includes women's gloves and mitts, obviously, plus a few that are unisex.

Our Mens Accessories section includes gloves that are sized for men and gloves that are unisex.



Younger cousins, boyfriends and dads all love Arcade belts, and as a gift, these one-size-fits-all accessories are stylish, practical and affordable.

A man's waist is shown. He wears a nylon belt with a black background and an orange and white striped pattern. the belt has a black plastic buckle.

 Arcade belts are a great gift for an active guy, but women like them, too.

A better belt

Arcade was founded on the belief that belts could be designed to function better, last longer and be more comfortable. So their unisex belts are lightweight and breathable, making them an excellent choice for staying cool during activity.

A man is shown wearing a charcoal gray nylon belt with a gray plastic buckle. Beside him, product shots of similar but slightly different belts in a variety of colours and belt styles.

Choose from more than a dozen different belt colours and buckle styles.

A bonus? These belts are machine washable. With their plastic buckles, which won't rattle in the machine, you can keep them right on your pants for washing.



Dayna Manning is shown wearing  a Zaket & Plover sweater with a red scarf and hat. in the background, there is a snow encrusted holiday tree.

 Dayna Manning wears the Patchwork Sweater.

Zaket & Plover sweaters have become a holiday favourite for Resonators. The brand’s unique name is drawn from the founding couple's heritage in Greece, where "zaket" means cardigan and "plover" means pullover. We love their assymetrical patterns and bold colour schemes. They're so unique, not at all like other sweaters.

Four different Zaket and Plover sweaters are shown. They all have assymetrical patterns and bold colour schemes.
Many more unique sweater styles and colours are available on our website.



A party table is shown, with a woman smiling in the background. In the foreground, green candles from the Thymes Frasier Fir Collection are shown in various sizes.
People love the scent of Frasier Fir candles, which we carry in several sizes.

Scent is one of the fastest ways to activate memory. Whether you are making new memories or bringing back childhood ones, the Frasier Fir scent brings the clean aroma of a freshly cut Christmas tree all around the room. People love it!

We offer this scent in a variety of different candle sizes and shapes, room spray, dish soap, hand cream, tissue paper, hand soap, as well as a hand soap refill.

Thymes Frasier Fir votive candle is shown in the foreground. Behind it, boxes decorated in ivory paper with a Frasier Fir design on it are shown.

The gorgeous Thymes Frasier Fir packaging is part of its appeal.

Host gift or stocking stuffer

These make lovely host gifts for friends or family and is a wonderful alternative to a bottle of wine. Each piece in small and light to carry to the party, and the paper and ribbon packaging is so beautiful you won't want to add more wrapping. 



Claudia Coat

Lolë's Claudia Lightweight Down Jacket is a bestseller at Resonance.

Here's a perfect gift for the traveller in your life: Lolë’s Claudia coat. This amazing thigh-length puffy coat is not only warm and light, but also windproof, making it the ideal choice for any adventure. With four colours to choose from, there's sure to be one that your loved one will adore. 

Four colours of Claudia are shown: Navy, Red, Olive Green and Black.
The Claudia comes in Dark Navy, Red, Olive and Black.

A perfect pair

And for those cold, wet days, Resonators recommend pairing the Claudia with the Element Long Rain Jacket. Wrap them both up for someone who loves a practical (and pretty!) gift.

Four colours of the Element Rain coat are shown.

Lolë's Element Long Rain Jacket comes in Dark Red, Blue-Green, Black, and Dark Navy



Is your gift recipient a person who loves glamourous jewellery? Look no further than Leah Yard Designs. Their exquisite jewellery, designed in Vancouver, Canada, is crafted from top-quality materials that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. In this video, Resonance staffer Madelyn shows how this feminine and classic jewellery can boost just about any everyday outfit. 

Many more jewels from the Leah Yard collection are available online.

More gifts to come

Watch this space for more gift guide items. We'll be adding more ideas daily until Dec. 24.

Share your wish list with us

If you see something you love here, we invite you to email us your wish list. Mention it to someone whol loves to give you gifts. When they reache out by email or phone and mention your name, we'll share your list with them and make sure they get the exact right thing for you.

Gift wrapping is complimentary

As always, we offer complimentary gift wrapping. Honestly, it's our pleasure. We love it!

If you're ordering online and you would like us to wrap the gift for shipping to you or your gift recipient, let us know in the checkout notes. We will make it beautiful.

Resonance gift wrapping is shown. It has bronze tissue, an oval Resonance sticker and a red ribbon that says: Shine on in gold text
Huge thank you to photographer Michael Steingard and musician Dayna Manning for the collaborative photo shoot they did at Riverwalk Commons in St. Marys. All the photos of Dayna in our gift guide were taken by Michael.




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