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Snow and Smartwool Go Together Like Cider and Cinnamon

Featuring Dayna Manning

Dayna Manning puts on her boots, and her Smartwool socks are showing! They have a red and charcoal and white snowflake pattern. She smiles.

Photography by Michael Steingard at Riverwalk Commons

O Snow!

Rumour has it there will be plenty of white stuff this year. We're talking lots and lots of fluff. That's good news if you like skiing, skating, hiking and walking to work!

And it's also good news if you like to stay home and listen to Dayna Manning's beautful song "O Snow." (Click the link to start the song playing in another tab, then click back here to keep reading.)

Snow is surely beautiful, but according to the Farmer's Almanac, Canadian Edition, this season is also expected to be chilly. Unless you're located in the Atlantic provinces, where it's expected to be milder than usual, the almanac recommends prepping for an unusually frigid winter season.

Can we just say UGH!?

It's base layer season

But once we're done complaining and after the last drop of coffee has been drained from the pot, we'll be on duty as usual, ready to help you prepare for the darkest season of the year. For us, that means evangelizing about base layers made from Merino wool.

Smartwool's undergarments, socks, hats, neckwarmers, headbands, mitts and gloves are staff favourites at this time of year. We've all experienced the difference natural fibres make when the weather turns foul. Smartwool is soft, manages moisture, regulates temperature, and resists odours.

With the right base layers and warm accessories, we hope you'll get past the ugh and into the awe that winter can bring — when you're properly dressed.




Dayna Manning sits in a window sill holding a cup of tea. She's wearing Smartwool socks with a snowflake pattern.


And it's Smartwool socks season

We have recently restocked our socks section with a big selection of Smartwool styles and colours. People are noticing! 

Some Smartwool socks are sized for women, some are for men, and some are unisex. The unisex socks are wider than women's socks. They work for both women and men unless you have a very narrow or small foot. If that's you or your gift recipient, choose a sock that is sized for women.

We wish you a wonderful snowy ❄️ season.  And here are a few other things we wish for you:

May your car start.

May your dog come when he is called. 

May there be marshmallows in your hot chocolate.

And may both of your Smartwool socks stay in your possession all winter long.




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