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Indi & Cold's Naturally Beautiful Fashion

Slow outfits, styled by Dayna Manning. Dayna is shown sitting on a riverbank holding a guitar, wearing rust coloured pants and an ecru long sleeved blouse.Photos by Johanna Rosolen 

Over the past few seasons,  Indi & Cold has slowly become a Resonator favourite. And it makes perfect sense that the fan club has grown slowly. The Spanish label’s approach to fashion features natural fibres, slower artisanal processes and handmade details.


Embroidery is shown on the chest of Dayna's blouse, and down one sleeve. Dayna looks to the side and smiles slightly.

 Dayna wears the Embroidered Arm Henley Style Blouse.

Indi & Cold isn't the first brand you notice when you walk in the front door of our Stratford store, nor when you browse the collection online. The subtle colours and traditional styles make it a little harder to notice from a distance. You have to get close to touch and feel the details to appreciate it.

An understated aesthetic

The naturally beautiful clothing in this collection isn't performing tricks of colour or cut to attract your attention. Instead, its colour palette is natural and understated, obviously inspired by nature.


Dayna wears a rust coloured blouse with gathers at the chest, with checked pants. Text reads: romantic silhouettes


Musician Dayna Manning gravitates toward Indi & Cold for its delicately printed fabrics, detailed knits and interesting pants. We always admire how she styles it, so we sent her a selection of the Fall 2023 to wear for a photo shoot with Nova Scotian photographer Johanna Rosolen. 

We love the result! These photos, shot against natural landscapes, highlight how nature obviously influences the colour combinations Indi & Cold creates. These outfits are wearable for everyday activities like dinner at a restaurant, but they might also inspire walks among wildflowers or golden grasses. 


Dayna wears the same rust coloured blouse and checked pants, which have wide legs. She stands against a field of grasses and looks to one side.

  Dayna wears the Gathered Yoke Blouse and the Wide Leg Plaid Pants

We love it when people's outfits seem to effortlessly complement the beauty of a natural environment. It's a sign of resonance. And these photos are fun to see through that lens. Did Dayna explicitly plan the colour combos of her outfits to go with her natural environment? Or did it just happen? Either way, it's beautiful. 

A family affair

The Indi & Cold brand began in 2012, when two Spanish brothers who had been running separate fashion companies teamed up. One was called Indiwoman and the other was called Cold Alaska.

By combining forces and returning to their roots in San Sebastian, Spain, the brothers Diego and Gonzalo Santaolalla launched a brand that has spread across Europe, Asia and North America. They hired creative director Cristina Villar, another San Sebastian native, and the brand is headquartered in this cultural hotspot in northern Spain.


Text reads: Amazing pants. Dayna wears plum coloured cords, and one hand is in the pocket. She wears a blue printed blouse and holds a guitar.


Located in the Basque region of Spain near the border of France, San Sebastian is known for its history, landscapes, beaches, and restaurants. It's easy to see how the Indi & Cold aesthetic reflects the traditional Basque lifestyle. 


Dayna wears plum coloured cords and a dusty pink sweater as she walks along a river. She's holding a book.
Dayna wears the Crew Neck Sweater and the Gina Cords.

A high ethical standard

Here's another reason to celebrate Indi & Cold this season: The brand recently earned B Corp certification for its social and environmental performance. The certification means Indi & Cold meets a high standard in five key areas, including Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.


Feminine Blouses. Dayna wears a mustard coloured blouse with a small floral print. She has one hand on a tree trunk and smiles wide.


To maintain their certification, B Corps certified companies must regularly demonstrate that they meet the high standard in a rigorous evaluation process. This is one of the ways that fashion companies like Indi & Cold can assure ecologically minded customers that their fashion purchases are responsible.

Now is the time

 Indi & Cold arrived in store recently. Even though it's still pretty early in the sweater and pants shopping season, Indi's slow fashion pieces are already walking out the door at a fast pace. The brand isn't widely available in Canada, and people who love it have realized we carry a good selection. So they're coming to us online.


Dayna wears a blue blouse with a small floral print. She holds a coffee mug and looks into the distance.

 Dayna wears the Paula Print Blouse.

We're excited to be able to reorder Indi & Cold this season, so if you spot an item you love but can't find your size, please let us know. We should be able to get it in store for you within about two weeks. 

We are Indi & Cold experts

We know our inventory. If you aren't able to visit our Stratford showroom, we are happy to provide phone service to help you determine your size, especially if Indi & Cold is a new brand for you. They fit true to size, but we can provide extra photos and additional measurements of items you're eyeing.



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Awesome blog and beautiful pictures to showcase wonderful pieces for Fall 2023! Thank you for keeping me engaged with on-trend fashion from your store – love how you consider the customer at every turn! Well done — again!

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