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7 Fall Trends You'll Want to Wear Right Now

The season's trends are starting to emerge. Which ones will work for you?

1. Fair Isle Sweaters 

Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours. It's named after Fair Isle, one of the Shetland Islands.

A woman wears a patterned sweater. Text reads: Fair Isle Sweaters

2. Scarf Dressing

Some outfits live and die by their accessories, and this season it's the scarf that's taking centre stage. Big wide tartan ones, sleekly sweeping viscose ones, fuzzy furry fringed ones, they're all getting their moment in the sun this season.

A woman wears a printed scarf. Text reads: Scarf Dressing

3. Winter Florals

There was once a time when blossomy blouses and dresses were reserved for the spring season. But no longer. Floral prints are blooming in fall outfits and have a novel aesthetic thanks to darker colour palettes. 

A woman wears a floral printed blouse with long sleeves. Text reads: Winter florals

4. Belts

Wide or narrow, braided or patent, embellished or smooth, leather belts of all descriptions are taking centre stage this season. Wide belts are especially in the spotlight.

A woman wears a wide leather belt with a brass buckle. Text reads: Belts

5. White Shirts

White shirts were never really out of style, but this season they're playing leading roles in our outfits instead of supporting ones.

A woman wears a loose white shirt. Text reads: White shirts

6. Boxy Bold Blazers

Workplace staples are taking on an '80s aesthetic this season. Squared and padded shoulders, vibrant colours and prints, and oversized fits are infusing blazers with a maximal style we haven't seen in a while.

A woman wears a tartan blazer. Text reads: Bold boxy blazers

7. A Sober Black Coat

Maybe it was Wednesday Addams and her gothic chic aesthetic that started the trend toward intimidating outerwear. Or maybe Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's influential example of well-constructed and timeless fashion pieces made the tailored black coat a must-have this season. Whatever the reason, it feels right to protect yourself with a serious trench right now. 

A woman wears a black coat with a hood and looks off to one side. The coat is belted. Text reads: A sober black coat. 




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