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The Perfect Tank Top

A woman wears a terracotta coloured tank top. It is long in the body and has thick shoulder straps. It is very fitted.

It's a personal thing

A versatile under-layer allows you to wear a sheer blouse to work. It can provide a bit of warmth in winter. It can add a flash of colour to a neutral outfit. It can even double as a pyjama top when travelling.

So it's clear a versatile tank is an all-around capsule must-have because it helps you maximize the rest of your wardrobe. But the idea of a perfect tank top is actually a bit of a myth. Ultimately, the perfect tank is about what you feel comfortable in.

And the details aren't easy to judge when shopping online. Sure, it's nice to look at all the pretty colours... but when it comes right down to it, weight, texture and fit can make or break a tank top. And those things are hard to see in a photo.

We've got three versatile tanks in store this season. We hope our latest blog post makes it easier for you to find the perfect one... perfect for you, that is.

B. Young's Pamila Tank

A woman is shown wearing a black tank top. Her arms are crossed and she looks at the camera.

The Pamila Tank is long, very stretchy, and slim fitting. We love the high cotton content of this option, and so do customers. But it still has some stretch to it, with 47% cotton, 47% Modal, and 6% elastane. So it fits close to the body.

The Pamila is available in sizes XS to XL. It has pretty trim at the neckline, so it looks finished if it peeks out from underneath a top or sweater. 

Of all our tanks, the Pamila is the most affordable, at $25, but it's not available year-round the way C'est Moi and InWear tank tops are. Grab 'em when you see em!

C'est Moi's Scoop Neck Tank

A woman wears an ivory coloured tank top. it has a long body and thick shoulder straps. It's very fitted.

C'est Moi tanks are one-size-fit-all. We've carried the regular one-size-fits-all tank for several years. It's a repeat purchase for many of our customers.

These tanks contain 51% bamboo, 21% cotton, 20% nylon and 8% Spandex, which accounts for their super stretchy texture. The bamboo acts as an anti-bacterial, which helps them stay odour-free over time. 

With their thicker weight, we find C'est Moi are especially great for when you want a bit of winter or early spring warmth and coverage around the midriff. 

The thing Resonators love most about C'est Moi tanks is the wide range of brilliant colours, many of which are available year round. Seasonal additions to the colour range touch on current trends to stay in tune with the rest of your wardrobe.

Sizing hack!

The fit of C'est Moi is quite long, but that doesn't stop small people from loving them. Resonance staff member Cindy is petite, but she loves these tanks so much she cuts them to the length she wants with scissors! Somehow, they don’t unravel even though she doesn't sew a hem. Cindy washes as usual and even puts the cut-off tanks in the dryer.

The C'est Moi Bamboo Scoop Tank is currently available in more than a dozen colours

InWear's Finesse Cami

A woman wears a black camisole.

The InWear cami is a little bit slippery, containing 95% viscose and 5% elastane. That means it doesn't stick to sweaters and feels great against the skin.

The brilliant thing about this cami is its adjustable straps. That adjustability allows you to find a neckline that suits your body, as well as the blouse or sweater you're wearing. 

The Finesse Cami looks beautiful under lighter, delicate tops. For example, many of our customers add them under Part Two's classic Erdonae blouse. (We sell this versatile blouse in several patterns, and it fits and flatters many figures.)

The Finesse is currently available in four colours.

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