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The One Piece of Clothing Every Woman Needs Now

Rosie the Riveter is shown. Text reads: We Can Do It!


Jumpsuits are, without a doubt, a style statement. An eye-catching one-piece alternative to a dress, rompers can be casual or fancy, depending on fabric, fit, and accessories. 

Their style factor was why I bought many jumpsuits for Resonance this season. But between the time I ordered them and the time they arrived in store, their meaning changed. 

A new reality is upon us

During this moment of collective action to prevent the spread of a virus, and an economic aftermath that will take months if not years to fully unfold, style seems less important. What matters now is that we’ve got a lot of work to do in the clothes we wear. 

Personally, I’m prepping myself for a season of hard work, and the to-do list is a bit daunting. My first priority is to serve Resonance's online customers. When the shipping’s all done, I’m trying to find safe ways to engage my staff. I’m also working with suppliers to figure out how we can work together next season amidst a fashion supply chain in chaos.

As I said, it’s daunting. But at least I know what to wear when I tackle the list: A jumpsuit.

Jumping into labour

Jumpsuits are perfect for hard work. They emerged from the industrial revolution in the early 1900s as a way for manual labourers to protect their bodies and street clothes from industrial grime. Since then, they’ve also been used by drivers, pilots, and astronauts, acquiring connotations of speed, technology and adventure.

During WWII, the jumpsuit became a symbol of the indomitable contribution of women to society. A “Rosie” was a woman who toiled in a munitions factory, and in the now-famous wartime poster featuring Rosie the Riveter in a denim jumpsuit is an iconic image denoting female empowerment.

We can do this!

In the time of a pandemic, we’re going to need a dose of female empowerment. We’re going to need clothes that both protect us outside our homes and provide comfort inside our homes. We’re going to need to work really really hard in 2020, and without distraction. Jumpsuits are just the thing.

Sandwich tencel denim jumpsuit


One Sandwich jumpsuit actually reminds me of Rosie’s. With its matching belt tie, three pockets, and slightly stretchy fabric, this is the kind of piece you’d throw on daily. It’s perfect for simultaneously resuscitating your small business, schooling your kids, caring for your elderly neighbours, renovating your basement and staying calm in a time of chaos. 

Fig vin and zap jumpsuits



Other jumpsuits from Fig are a little more polished, making them perfect for regular work-from-home days. In these jumpsuits, made of silky, stretchy modal, you could juggle client or student calls between trips out to walk the dog or shop for groceries. 

Miik Andie Jumpsuit


I love how the Andie’s unique construction, with its opening in the lower back, makes washroom visits super easy. And these fabrics don’t fade, pill or stretch out of shape, so you don’t risk ruining your go-to work outfit by also using it for errands and housework.

What’s on your to-do list this season? Which jumpsuits and rompers will help you get stuff done? 


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