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Street Art Celebrates Our Beautiful Place in the Universe

Claire Scott’s colourful mural was designed to create an accessible moment of connection to Stratford

Resonance Street Art

If you’re like us, you love art. We especially love street art, which can provide a surprising moment of resonance where once there was only cement, brick and asphalt.

That’s why we commissioned an artist to create some positive vibes in front of our bricks-and-mortar store in Stratford, Ont. Along with local artist Claire Scott, the founder of York Lane Art Collective, we’re proud to unveil a vivid new mural on the sidewalk in front of 23 Downie St.


Featuring a sparkling diamond and the uplifting message “Shine on you crazy diamond,” we pay tribute to Pink Floyd and echo a little flair from our gift packaging -- a quote on our famous bronze-coloured gift ribbons.

The mural is designed to spark a trend of shoe selfies in Stratford, and draw attention to the thriving art scene here.

By creating a vibrant art experience on the street, we’re exposing visitors and locals, young and old, to a moment of beauty and connection in their day. And, with the launch of a photo contest, we’re hoping to spark a summer-long show of photographs that celebrate our city. (More on that in a minute.)

Our goal with the mural is to create inspiration for creative Stratford #shoeselfies on social media. Scott’s colourful design invites people to slow down and appreciate where they are for a brief moment … by taking pictures of their feet. 

We love taking shoe selfies when we go interesting places. It’s a way to say: “I’m here. I’ve got my feet in this world, and I’m experiencing it fully.” And it doesn’t matter how your hair looks in the wind!

Supported by a grant from Digital Main Street, which aims to help Ontario businesses up their online presence, we’re creating digital experiences that tell the story behind our shop and its place in the universe. 

And Resonance’s view of City Hall, sometimes known as “Queen of the Square” is pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves!

When we reached out to Scott with our artsy dream in mind, she loved the idea so much she immediately made a stunning design that glows with colour. 

Scott, a 25-year-old professional artist, was excited to collaborate and bring the global street art trend to Stratford. She helped us present our plan to Stratford’s City Council earlier this year, speaking passionately about the positive impact street art can have on a city’s culture. 


“I love putting big, vibrant art pieces in spaces where people aren’t expecting it,” says Scott, a professional artist whose distinctive graphic style makes us resonate. “It’s amazing what colour can do. It makes people feel happy and inspired.”

When Scott recently spent a day in front of our store laying down the design in acrylic paint and covering it with a durable (but not slippery!) sealant, it was an eight-hour marathon of art. She had time to hear plenty of feedback from passers by. 

“People loved it, everyone stopped, everyone was excited,” enthuses Scott. “Especially the older people. They were in awe. They were so supportive.”

Kris Von Kleist, a collaborator at York Lane Art Collective, documented Scott’s creation process from start to finish. They’ll be sharing photos and video in the collective’s social media feed with the goal of engaging young Stratford residents in art. Resonance wholeheartedly supports that goal.

We aim to engage visitors, too. The sidewalk in front of our store is the ideal spot to appreciate Stratford’s historic and welcoming streetscape. Scott’s electrifying design is oriented so that, if you put your lens at foot level, City Hall rests gracefully in the background.

We hope you’ll stop by to see the mural and take a picture to share on social media before we remove it from the sidewalk on Nov. 1, 2019. (Though it will live long in the digital realm!)

To get the ball rolling, we’re having a contest!


By sharing a picture that shows our new mural, including the hashtag #resonancestreetart in your post, you’ll have a chance to win one of two $200 gift certificates from Resonance. 

One prize will be awarded Aug. 31. The second will be selected on Nov 1. 

Resonance staff will select 10 finalists in each entry period, and Scott will select the winners.

If you’re on Instagram, don’t forget to use the #resonancestreetart hashtag! Or we won’t see your post, and you won’t be included in the contest. 

You can also use Facebook and email to contribute a photo, which may eventually be shared on Facebook in a finalists’ gallery.

Can’t wait to see you — and your feet!  — in front of our store and on social media. 

Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Love weird socks? Got hairy legs? Use a prosthetic? Kissing a new guy lately? We can’t wait to see your interesting ankles!

Check out the official contest rules here


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