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Has Your Body Changed? Don't Worry, We've Got Your XXL Back

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Living large and looking luxe

If you're a woman of generous proportions, we know you'll be excited to hear the news. This season, we've got many XXL and a few XXXL finds in stock from brands like Nic + Zoe, B. Young, Part Two, Zilch, Soya Concept, Esprit, Lolë, and Soia & Kyo.

Pandemic-related shifts in the retail landscape this year have left large women with fewer clothing options than ever before. As if it wasn't hard enough before a retail apocalypse came for plus-size specialists like Addition Elle in Canada and Lane Bryant in the United States.

But at the same time, we’re starting to see more inclusive sizing from the brands we work with. These aren’t specialized brands that centre their collections around a plus-sized customer. These are mainstream labels expanding their size ranges to fit the bodies of women who want to wear them.

We are expanding our size range 

Our goal in expanding the range we carry is to serve women who might once have shopped from the smaller sizes in specialized plus-sized boutiques. As well, we aim to help customers who may now be experiencing lifestyle and body changes related to the pandemic. 

You're probably already aware there's no such thing as sizing standards in the global women's clothing industry. But in the larger size ranges, sizing seems even more varied from brand to brand.

So what is an XXL, exactly?

We wish we could pull out a magic conversion chart and say that XXL is equal to size 18! But we've found that variation from brand to brand in this size range makes it unhelpful to make size equivalencies like this.

For example, two of our brands, Zaket & Plover and Eileen Fisher, fit on the larger side. A sweater marked as L in either of these two brands might fit a woman who would otherwise wear XXL.

Meanwhile, the brand Soia & Kyo fits a little on the smaller side. An XXL coat from Soia & Kyo might fit a women who otherwise looks for XL.

So we recommend taking measurements and/or trying on to find the exact right size for you in this size range. (To learn more about how to take your own measurements, check out the site Size Charter.)

Finding your size on our site

If you're shopping for women's clothing, you can use our main menu to shop by size! Since we carry brands that use different sizing systems, be sure to click on Size XXL, Size 16 and Size 34.

Spread the word!

We've tried offering larger sizes before! But our experiments haven't been successful. We faced the challenge of somehow letting larger women in our community know we had what they needed.

Now, thanks to social media, those days are over. We can broadcast the fact that we've adapted our size selection.

But still, the biggest challenge that large-size clothing retailers and large women have right now is finding each other. And we want this to go gangbusters so the right women hear about it.

That's why we need your help. 

Do you know anyone who needs a stylish new source of clothing for her curvy self? We'd love it if you'd introduce us to friends who might be interested by sharing this blog post. 



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