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A Bright Future Lies Ahead

Three women are shown in brightly coloured T-shirts by B. Young. They hug and smile at the camera.


If you believe what fashion has to say this season, the grass truly is greener on the other side. We're loving the vibrant, verdant shades that are bursting up in store this season. But it's not just green. We're also seeing orange and bright blue, plus a few blooms of lavender. 

The fearless and quirky shades seen in fashion this year reflect a collective urge to experience newness and change, according to the Pantone Color Institute’s Fashion Color Trend Report for 2023.

The report says we’re in recovery mode after the past couple of years of health-related setbacks, and we’re turning to colour as a tool for healing. Pantone identified Classic Green as one of the trendiest tones for spring, noting it's “imbued with health-giving qualities.” It makes sense that we’re attracted to it now.


Three photos are shown. In each photo, a model is shown wearing vibrant blue and green colours against a turquoise backdrop.


Resonators adore new hues, but with an intelligent twist, strategically using brights as pops of pigment against classic colours. This allows more opportunities to wear last year’s favourite pieces.

And little dabs of colour are a smart choice in our image-based culture. Neutrals simply will not do for situations where you want to stand out. When you’re meeting new people, whether it’s at a job interview, a speed dating event, or a work conference, a shot of vibrant colour can make you memorable.

By mixing colourful pops in with classic colours like navy, black, white, denim and neutrals, you can express your enthusiasm for the future without jumping off any colour cliffs.

For a shot of colour that suits your style, check out new arrivals from Part Two, Cream, and B. Young. Add denim by Kut From The Kloth, undies by Blush, a phone bag by Aunts and Uncles and you're photo ready.

Click the images below to go to each brand page, where you'll find more cheery and colourful outfits. 


A woman is shown wearing a green blazer. Text reads: Part Two. High quality classics for work and weekend.  


A woman is shown wearing a green sweater. Text reads: B. Young, incredibly affordable T-shirts, tops and sweaters


A woman wears an emerald green t-shirt with a v-neck. Text reads: Comfy classics with interesting details


A woman's lower body is shown. She's wearing pair of jeans in a vintage medium wash and white sneakers. Text Reads: Kut From The Kloth: Premium denim at a medium price


A model is shown wearing emerald green panties and bralette. Text reads: Blush, colourful undies at a very cute price


An emerald green leather phone pouch is shown. Text reads: Aunt & Uncles. Artisanal leather in a rainbow of colours


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