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Zilch brings a sunny vibe to your wardrobe


The Spring 2021 collection of Zilch has an uplifting vibe, and it comes at the exact right time. Who doesn't need a bit of a boost right now? 

A small, family-owned business founded in 1989 by Gabriel Thissen, Zilch started out making silk blouses, but has since grown to include complete collections. That's all thanks to contributions from multiple family members, including nieces and a nephew. We relate to that! We're also a multi-generational family business. 


Our customers love Zilch because the line is classic and practical in its designs, but vibrant colour combinations mean that Zilch outfits are far from boring.


Yellow sweater, yellow blouse with white polka dots, yellow hairband with white polka dots, yellow pattered scarf


One yellow colour in the collection this season brings to mind the brilliant pant suit worn by Schitt's Creek creator Dan Levy at this year's online Emmy awards ceremony. We can't get enough of his fashion vibe!

Levy recently told Vogue magazine he felt the Valentino suit he choose to wear was “the perfect balance between formal and casual, festive and laid back, polished yet unfussy.”

We agree. It was a perfect expression of the present moment, and for that reason, we think Levy’s zesty yellow mood will be a major style influence this season. 


Somehow, with Zilch, it's not hard to work with bold colours to create an outfit. The collection  brings together prints and solids in such a way that the work of coordinating bold outfits is done mostly for you, but without coming across as matchy-matchy.


3 tops + 2 bottoms + 1 scarf = 6 outfits


The brand chooses sustainable dyes and fabrics, including the natural fibres of bamboo and organic cotton, plus man-made fibres called viscose and lyocell. These two eco-friendly, man-made fabrics are derived from regenerated wood fibres using sustainable processes. 

The soft textures of these fabrics make Zilch pieces incredibly soft and touchable. Some pieces include a bit of elastane, which is a synthetic fibre that adds stretch.


We love Zilch's basic jersey T-shirts and skirts. They come in several colours, and they're incredibly colour-fast, so they don't fade after a season of wear.

Among our favourite pieces in the Zilch collection every year is the bamboo batwing, which flies out the door in multiples. It's a beautifully simple top that works well with patterned bottoms and is flattering for women of many shapes and sizes. 


Batwing sleeves are flattering for many body types and cool in summer


We're loving the Zilch accessories, too. Using a scarf or hairband to tie two bold colours together in one outfit is one of our favourite tricks, and Zilch's square scarves are a perfect way to do that. Wear on your neck, around a wrist, or tied to a handbag.


Square scarf in white with red dots, square scarf in black, gold and red stripes, square scarf with floral print, black background.

To see the whole Spring 2021 collection, check out our Zilch collection page!




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