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The best black pieces in the store

Make it minimal


We know it's really hard to see the details that distinguish one black sweater from another when shopping online. Texture, thickness, and the overall quality of dark coloured items are almost impossible to see in a photograph.

This blog post is intended to point you towards the black pieces you might not otherwise notice if you're shopping online.


Think of black wardrobe items as an investment. Be willing to pay for quality so that tops and sweaters last five years, while jeans and jackets may last 10 if you chose carefully.

Here's our guide to all the best black items that are in store now. 

B.Young Tella T-shirt


This amazing and affordable T-shirt is a perfect example of how hard it is to shop for black pieces online. The photo just doesn't reveal its unique shape and interesting details. It's also a good example of our favourite shopping tip for buying dark items: Check out another colour of the same T-shirt to see the cool details better.

B. Young Tella Tshirt

Lolë Kaylin Shirt


Lole Kaylin Shirt

Masai Jay Waistcoat


Masai Jay Waistcoat


Lole Agda Tank

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