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Now you can shop by size

How to find everything that fits and nothing that doesn't

Resonance's front page menu is shown, with a red circle around a drop down menu labelled "Shop By Size"

We've added a cool new feature to our website that allows you to see only items that are currently available in your size. 

Here's how it works: 

First, go to our front page. 

Then, from the main menu, click on "Shop By Size.

Select your size. 

NOTE: We carry items in three different sizing systems, so you may need return to the Shop By Size menu on our front page a few times to see everything in your size. 

  • XS - XXL (mostly tops)
  • 0 - 16  (tops and some loose bottoms)
  • 26 - 34 (mostly bottoms) 


So, for example, if you're a medium-sized person and you're browsing new arrivals, you may want to view the Medium page for tops, as well as the 8, and 10 pages for more tops and a few unstructured bottoms, plus the 29 and 30 pages for jeans and other structured bottoms. 


On the other hand, you may be specifically looking for jeans, in which case you would zero in on your pant sizes, 29 and 30Once you're on the page showing items in your size, you can use "Filter By" menu to see only Denim items in your size. 

The Filter By menu can also be used to see only sale items in your size, as well as only Sustainable items in your size. Cool, right?

The Size 30 page is shown, with a red circle at the left side around a drop down menu labelled "filter by"


Once you're on the page showing your size, you can also use the "Sort By" menu to arrange the products you see in a different order.

This is helpful if you want to see items in your size made by a certain brand —Lolë, for example. Our product titles always begin with a brand name, so you can sort the selection Alphabetically A-Z, then scroll to the Ls to see all the Lolë items in your size.

The Medium page is shown, with a red circle around a drop down menu labelled "Sort by"


Whether you tend to shop by Brand, Category or Size, we hope you find our site easy to navigate. It's our goal to make our web shopping experience as delightful as it is in our store in Stratford.


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