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Zilch puts a colourful spin on classic styles

For fall 2019, the Amsterdam-based brand wants to dress you in nature-inspired shades and eye-catching patterns 

We know it’s weird, but we’re always excited to see fall on the horizon. And this season, it’s especially true. We’ve got a colourful new line in the store that’s got us all excited to see the leaves beginning to turn.

Zilch is an Amsterdam-based brand that puts colour and pattern in the spotlight, and people are really responding to it in the store. We’ve unpacked several deliveries already, and customers are having a lot of fun with it. 

We love it because the line is classic and practical in its designs, but the vibrant colour combinations -- along with other tiny design details -- mean it’s far from boring.

Dutch fits are a selling feature in Canada, too. Designed for a Northern European figure, Zilch is especially great for tall and generously proportioned women.

But the thing we really love about Zilch is how it coordinates so well. Over the past decade, we’ve noticed that many lines we carry are great at separates. That leaves us -- and you, the customer -- to mix and match, and put together outfits that work together. 

A huge range of items is available. Lots of dresses, pants, skirts and jackets, tops and sweaters, plus smaller adds-ons that really punch up a look, like tights and other knit accessories. And outerwear! We love the lipstick red overcoat, it's a gorgeous punch of colour that stands out in the winter doldrums.

So the work of pulling together a several pieces into a cohesive look is a foregone conclusion. Though you’ll still have to choose between this top or that one, this jacket or that sweater, the work is done mostly for you. Still, somehow, it’s not too matchy-matchy. Variations in fabrics and patterns give each outfit a flair of its own.

Oh no, wait, it’s not the colour. It’s not the fits. It’s not the ease. The real reason we love Zilch so much is how nicely it will fit into your fall clothing budget.

The prices are in the middle range, with many tops and sweaters going for less than $100. Jackets are in the $200 range, and outerwear is around $300.

To see the most recent arrivals, we recommend visiting our Stratford shop. New styles are selling faster than we can mount them to our online store. 

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