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These smart and stylish leather bags are truly luxurious

Aunts & Uncles makes purses that pop. A woman holds a small handbag in black leather. Four other small handbags in bright colours are shown.


There's a new bag in town, and it's called Aunts & Uncles. 

After a few seasons of searching for something visually interesting and sustainable at the same time, I was excited to find Aunts & Uncles. 

Since 2004, this German brand has been combining traditional leather techniques with sustainable processes and contemporary styling. And I've been on the hunt to for something contemporary and colourful. 

We recently unpacked the first shipment and these bags are combining well with the practical, colourful and versatile outfits we've been helping Resonators create recently.  



A woman wears a small fuchsia leather bag in a sling style, over one shoulder across her chest. Text reads: Wear it as a waist pack or a shoulder sling.


I love how this brand's name is inspired by quirky and loving relatives and refers to traditional values such as loyalty and honesty. But it was the bag's fixings and  interiors that really convinced me.  With beautiful fabrics and high quality closures, the architecture of these bags is genuinely well-thought out. 

The Raspberry Bag, for example, is a medium-sized crossbody clutch with several interior compartments. Perfect for carrying a mask, sanitizer, keys, phone and glasses.

The Mrs. Apple Strudel bag has a smart interior as well, with compartments a for laptop, pens and a notebook, and a fabric pouch to contain chargers. This is a bag for a mobile office.


A woman is shown wearing a leather black backpack. Text: Mrs. Apple Strudel Bag. It fits a laptop and charger.


Aunts & Uncles leathers come from the Netherlands, India, and Italy. No leather bag is completely without environmental impact, but this brand makes an effort to use sustainable processes.

For example, they mainly use vegetable dyes and organic tanning agents, which have less impact on the earth. They also limit use of water and work with leather suppliers meet high ethical standards during frequent audits. And the brand offers a repair service, which means they can last a lifetime. (The way a leather bag should.)


A woman is shown wearing a tan coloured medium-sized rectangular purse. Text: Raspberry Bag: It has several zippered compartments.


Denim stains

Aunts & Uncles recommends the following household remedy for blue denim stains on light-coloured bags: Mix vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:1. Dip a soft cloth in the solution, then wipe your bag clean.

Food spills

If your kid drips milkshake or, say, you put your bag on a drip of ketchup on the picnic table, reach for a baby wipe. Spot clean as soon as possible.

Stained fabric

If the inside of your Aunt & Uncles bag gets soiled, turn the lining inside out and gently scrub with soap and water. Lay the lining flat to dry.


A woman is shown holding a black leather wallet. Text: Rose Wallet. It holds a smartphone and keys.

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