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Mother’s Day: A celebration of the women who raised us and the values they passed along

From nautical stripes to interesting sweaters, my own mom’s classic style still influences how I dress — and how I buy for Resonance

Some people remember their moms in the kitchen. Others remember their moms in the garden. But whenever I recall how my mother appeared to me as a child, I see her in beautiful clothes.

Recently, I looked through some old photos of my mom to see what she actually wore back then. And one thing that struck me was that, even in the ‘70s and ‘80s, my mom wore clothes I’d actually want to wear now.

But it’s not because I’m having a nostalgic fashion moment. It’s because my mom has always been a classic dresser, and the things she wore in the those years are still relevant now.

For a few long-time customers who once shopped at my mother’s stores, that will come as no surprise. Oriana Gordon’s classic yet youthful style was evident in all of her retail iterations in downtown Stratford.

There was Gordon’s Ladies Wear in the ‘70s, then she added Images in the ‘80s,  La Cache in the ‘90s, and Chapter Three in the 2000s. Whatever the store was called, my Mom, Oriana Gordon, always curated a collection of classic and easy-to-wear items for real women with real bodies.


My mom is good at knowing what flatters her body and fits her lifestyle, even as a woman’s body changes with time. I remember how, after I’d given birth to two (adorable!) children in two years, my Mom passed some of that womanly wisdom on to me as I struggled to find my post-baby style.

Just before I returned to work at La Cache, she led me to a selection of Sandwich clothes in her store, which was called Chapter Three at the time. I’d been coping with change by sticking to black and gray basics, but my mom encouraged me to choose items that added interest and style back to my wardrobe.

As soon as I put a few pieces of Sandwich on, I felt beautiful. I could see how the fits were flattering for my body, and the versatile styles made sense for my busy life.

My mom’s advice helped get my style mojo back after two years of dressing with only practicality and ease in mind. And I still think back on that moment whenever we have a new mom in our store. We know that shopping for clothes after having a baby -- or at any transitional moment -- can be tender. We always try to offer the same no-pressure guidance my mom offered me.

The way she dressed still influences the clothes I choose for Resonance, and I can see it when I look around the store this season. I’m pretty pleased about that. Of course, I want to expose my customers to the newest trends, but I also want to help them bring a touch of timelessness to their wardrobes.


We still carry Sandwich at Resonance. The Dutch line, with its focus on comfort, is great for bodies of all shapes and sizes. But despite its figure-flattering fits, the line somehow manages to create a youthful image, thanks to surprising design details and specially washed fabrics. 


We recently picked up a line that was a staple in my mom’s store in the ‘80s. Esprit, with its colourful patterns and youthful styles, was a go-to line at my mom’s store for young women, Images. After several years of being unavailable to independent retailers, the line is back.

Esprit’s quality is better than ever. Thick fabrics and polished hardware mean Esprit items will last more than one season in your wardrobe. (Mom would approve!) Plus, we’re excited to learn that Esprit has committed to using environmentally sound manufacturing practices in the future. 


My mom often shows up in nautical stripes as a way to celebrate spring. I might have had her in mind when I added the line Saint James to our selection. The French brand has been a nautical sweater specialist for more than 100 years. Anyone can do Breton striped shirts, but Saint James has heritage credibility. The iconic brand once made striped jersey tops for the French navy uniforms. The quality is obvious when you touch the dense fabrics and luxurious linings of the line’s t-shirts, sweaters and jackets. Mom would approve!

If you’re not lucky enough to be in the same town as your mother this weekend, we can help with a gift certificate you can purchase (and use, if that's easiest) on line and print or email to your mom. To top it off, we provide warm customer service that will make your mom feel appreciated. 

Thanks to all moms, for all the ways they help us.

Especially mine, love you Mom. xo

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