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Finding inspiration in the wild beauty of the Cornish Sea

How a windswept place in southern England inspired a line of clothing

A mood board showing women wearing Seasalt clothing, some sea grass, paint swatches


Cornwall’s wild seaside landscapes and maritime culture inspire the down-to-earth aesthetic of Seasalt Cornwall, a UK-based brand that's new to Resonance for Fall 2021.

Um, Cornwall?

In case you didn't know — we didn't either! — Cornwall is a historic county in the  southwestern tip of England. 

With a Celtic history that sets them apart from other British nations, Cornish people  think of themselves as ethnically distinct. Since 2014, they've been considered a national minority with the same status as the Welsh, Scots and Irish within the UK. And although everyday life is conducted in English, some people continue to speak the Cornish language.

The area is known for its sandy beaches, secluded coves, and picturesque harbour villages. So it's no wonder the area's scenery, culture and heritage inspire the unique aesthetic of the Seasalt Cornwall clothing line. 

It's a family affair

The Seasalt story began in the Cornish town of Penzance in 1981, when the Chadwick family took shelter on a rainy day in an old, tucked-away general store ... and ended up buying it!

Initially the store sold traditional workwear, such as fishermen’s smocks, pullovers and striped tops. The customers were the sailors, farmers, fishermen and artists of the area. The three Chadwick brothers worked in the family shop.

Neil Chadwick remembers: "Our life at that time provided us with all the inspiration we would ever need to make beautiful, practical clothing. We also learnt that you need to really care for your customers, provide good value, and a knowledgeable, friendly service. These are still the things we obsess about."

When Neil's dad, Don Chadwick, passed away in 2001, the brothers decided to create a brand inspired by the things they loved about Cornwall…and Seasalt was born.

 A mood board is shown, with women wearing Seasalt clothing, some rocks, a colour palette

Beautiful and practical styles

Three years later, Neil met his wife Sophie. Their partnership transformed the brand into what it is today. As a print designer, she helped shape early collections, and Sophie continues to handcraft many of Seasalt Cornwall's seasonal prints.

The brand's prints are its strength. With their nature-inspired colour palettes and contemporary flavour, the unique designs set the label apart from others.

Seasalt’s design ethos is to create beautiful and useful clothing that women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy wearing. Each seasonal collection reflects a different visual aspect of Cornwall's beaches, cliffs and forests.

The video below features knitwear designer Carina Hazelgrave explaining how the Fall 2021 sweater collection was inspired by the patterns of water, and the marks that waves leave on the land. The video also shows Carina and her husband and mom out and about in Penzance. (Beware: This will make you want to buy a plane ticket!)

She even gives tips for washing and caring for these gorgeous jumpers. (Yes, we're laundry nerds!)



Accountable to the planet

Seasalt Cornwall has pledged to be carbon net zero by 2040, to use 100% organic cotton by 2024, and to put zero waste into landfill. And we admire their approach to transparency. A Sustainability Report for 2021 reveals exactly how Seasalt is working to achieve those goals. 

More Seasalt to come

A small selection of Seasalt Cornwall is in store now, and more is set to arrive soon. Watch our socials for the early peeks at new arrivals.


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