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A Valentine’s Day gift that will last forever


COEUR DE lion geocobe necklace and bracelet

It’s the thought that counts. But wouldn’t you rather if your gesture of love lasted for decades, rather than days?

Coeur De Lion jewellery makes a lasting Valentine’s Day gift, thanks to timeless designs and high quality materials such as stainless steel and Swarovski crystals. Handmade for more than 30 years in Stuttgart, Germany, the brand has become internationally covetable for its uniquely modern designs, which often include square glass beads known as “geoCUBES.”


We do love the attention-getting geoCUBE styles, but for Valentine’s Day, we recommend more classic pieces like Coeur De Lion pavé strip bangles ($150) and rings ($115).

These versatile pieces can be worn with any outfit, during the day or at night, in winter or summer. That versatility, combined with high-quality materials and skilled workmanship, makes them a “forever gift” worthy of Valentine’s Day. 

coeur de lion crystal pave strip ring and bangle

We love the rainbow pave rings and earrings, which can mean something extra-celebratory for an LGTBQ person on Valentine’s Day. 

coeur de lion rainbow crystal pave strip ring and earring

We first discovered Coeur De Lion on a customer in our store. She told she’d discovered the  brand in Europe, and we soon learned it’s available in 30 countries around the world. 

When we viewed the whole collection, we saw how it would appeal to the Resonance woman, who values quality as much as she does beauty. 

Resonance women like a good story, too. Designed by founder Carola Eckrodt when it began in 1987, Coeur De Lion pieces are at once classic and unconventional. She designed her first line using industrial materials from the nearby Mercedes-Benz factory, and found inspiration in German art and architecture. Eckrodt continues to lead the company today, employing about 150 people in her Stuttgart studio, 145 of which are women. 

The designer has said her brand considers itself “bridge” jewellery -- the magical middle ground between fine jewellery (think 14k gold and diamonds) and costume jewellery (think glass and plastic). That translates to great value for the price. Coeur De Lion feels like fine jewellery, but it’s affordable. 



Part of the appeal is the brand’s white, satin-lined boxes, which elevate the experience of receiving Coeur De Lion as a gift. Every piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, which guarantees that it was handmade in the Stuttgart studio.

coeur de lion packaging

Shop Coeur De Lion by Feb. 10 for express delivery in time for Valentine’s Day. Let us know in the notes if you would like it gift wrapped!

May love and sparkly things come your way.

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