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6 brands that make every outfit more affordable


Are you money mindful? 

The term means you have a clear focus on how you spend -- and whether it aligns with what you value. We’ve especially noticed a desire for this kind of financial wellness among our millennial customers. And why shouldn’t they want a healthy relationship with money? Life is more fulfilling when your work -- and what you earn from it -- is moving you toward what you really, really want.

For these customers, money mindfulness means they keep a constant eye on their clothing budget. That way, they know when they can afford to splurge and when they need to be more minimal. 

These customers are especially careful about buying clothes when actively saving for other, more important things -- baby onesies, for example, or a down payment on a home. But they’re not always millennial. Sometimes they’re older, retired, and saving for a vacation. They want to afford the holiday first, and the perky cruisewear second. 

We get that! We try to practice money mindfulness, too. And that’s why love to help these customers find outfits they absolutely love -- from a fashion perspective as well as a financial one. We value them so much that we try to make it possible to build an entire outfit with items from this price range.

We steer them to a group of brands we’ve sought out specifically because they offer great value for the price. We are constantly on the lookout for cute tops under $50 and flattering bottoms under $100, and we’ve had great luck finding that in recent years in Denmark, where lifestyles and climates are similar to those in Canada. 

But the truth is, affordable European fashion brands don’t just appeal to budget shoppers. Smart Resonance shoppers cherry-pick these labels to make every outfit more affordable. 

We’re especially impressed with these brands because despite their basic price, they don’t look run-of-the-mill or boring. They keep design costs low by using tried-and-tested shapes over several seasons while investing in quality fabrics, interesting details, and durable zippers and buttons. 

In other words, they’re affordable, but not cheap. We love that!

We're well stocked in the Spring 2020 collections of these affordable Euro brands at the store now . Among other trends, we’re seeing cropped bottoms, longer waists, short tops, polka dots and stripes, and a palette of spicy, earthy colours combined with soft pastels.

Shop Ichi

ichi clothing woman in striped blouse, woman in yellow striped tee, woman in polka dot top

Ichi from Denmark has a funky, casual and poetic vibe that can easily go from work to weekend and back again. We especially love their polka dots and stripes this season!

Shop B.Young

b young green vneck t-shirt and dress

Another Danish brand with its feet firmly in the affordable fashion arena, B. Young is one of our most dependable sources of wearable, everyday T-shirts. Many Ts are $25! B. Young is great at hitting hot colour trends each season, and tops are sometimes offered in as many as eight different shades. 

Shop Esprit

esprit yellow coat and pullover sweater with buttons

Known for its bold and colorful graphic styles, Esprit is an energetic addition to our affordable fashion section. Founded in California and now headquartered in Germany and Hong Kong, Esprit has been a leader among mainstream fashion brands working toward more sustainable production methods. We love that, and we love that they’ve managed to do it without losing their signature combination of simple basics mixed with eye-catching fashion-forward pieces.

Shop Cream

Cream clothing woman in green sweater and woman in lace blouse

This Danish brand is known for its boho style and especially strong in the tops and blouses category. A wide variety of shapes and embellishments mean this affordable brand is never boring. We love that Cream items are easy care. They don’t require dry cleaning or hand washing, and that means they become the go-to items that make getting dressed easy.

Shop Soya Concept

soya concepts dress, skirt and jacket in army green

This Danish brand is a master of the $49 sweater. By using interesting prints and patterns to make simple shapes look unique, this brand makes the kind of comfy-but-still-stylish top one might wear on a casual date. At the same time, pieces would work for walking the dog on a muddy day, too. Affordable and machine-washable equals no stress.

Shop Vero Moda and Aware by Vero Moda

vero moda top and skirt

A family owned business from Denmark, Vero Moda is a fashion-forward brand that makes great basics. Aware by Vero Moda, a segment we've been focusing in on recently, makes sustainable fashion accessible even at the lowest price points.   

The magic of these brands is not just that they’re affordable. It’s that they offer great value for the price. That means these super affordable pieces can either help you stay on budget, or create an opportunity to splurge elsewhere -- say, on designer jeans or an embellished sweater. 

Shop our New Arrivals page to see the latest spring trends from these affordable brands.

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