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3 denim trends you’ll see at Resonance this season — and 2 you won’t


Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you should wear it. My mom, who had great style, taught me this truism, back when I was a teenager. I didn’t really believe her at the time, but now I’ve come to realize she was right, especially when it comes to denim. 

Still, every season brings bizarre new trends in the jeans department, some of which I avoid buying for Resonance. For 2020, many denim designers showed uneven hems, heavily distressed and ripped jeans, patchwork, slits, pockets in weird places, and washes you wouldn’t believe.

Some of these styles do look fun at first. But over the years, as the buyer for Resonance, I’ve learned to avoid the truly far-out trends and focus in on the ones that will last more than one season. 

I do that because Resonance customers tend to see jeans as a staple item. They must go with a wide range of tops and shoes and be wearable no matter how Canadian weather wants to test our fashion resolve.

If you received a gift certificate for Christmas, now is a perfect time to buy jeans as a staple. We’ve got lots of new stock that reflects denim trends for 2020. 

Check out the sensible denim trends we’re stocking this season, and the wacky ones we’ll avoid.

1  Skinny fit

Yoga Jeans Rachel, $139

Skinny jeans never really went away, but this season they’re really coming on strong again, usually with a high or medium waist. The silhouette is no fuss — easy to wear with many different tops and types of footwear, and in dark washes, skinny jeans can be great for work as well as dressing up at night. 

We’ve stocked the classic Rachel style by Yoga Jeans in several dark and colour washes. Yoga Jeans are famous for their stretchy fabrics and comfortable fits. They can be worn four or five times without washing, which makes them a great staple item for everyday wear.  And bonus - the fact that they are made in Canada and require less washing makes them easier on the environment.

2 Cuffed boyfriend fit

Kut From The Kloth Catherine, $128

We’ve restocked Kut From The Kloth Catherine boyfriend jeans again because people love how soft and comfy they are for weekend wear. And they’re especially suited for curvy bodies.

We love that they’re beautifully finished on the inside for cuffing, but they’re not sewn into that style. That means they can be rolled up for a bit of sexy ankle action, or down for better calf coverage on the coldest days of the year. 

3 Basic straight fit


Fidelity, Stevie, $258

This Fidelity jean hits a classic note. With a midrise, a slight stretch, a medium wash and minimal stitching, this jean is the ultimate in versatile. Perfect for the denim minimalist. You will not need another jean for several seasons. 


1 Distressed and ripped jeans 

We’ve seen a lot of distressed denim in the last few seasons. We think faded, ripped, and distressed denim can be a cute and casual change from the norm. But we predict the trend isn’t going to stay relevant for long. Not only that, distressed denim tends to break down faster during washing. So it’s not the most sustainable or budget-friendly choice.

2 Flared and cropped jeans in winter

Flared jeans are kicking up a fuss again, both at longer lengths and in cropped styles. We’re excited to stock those for spring 2020, but we’ll be staying away from them for winter. They’re just not practical or warm enough for Canadian customers. Who wants slushy hems on their trouser jeans? Not us, so we’re avoiding this fun trend for now.

If an update to your denim stack is in the cards for 2020, you'll want to preview our selection, and maybe check out our sale on seasonal washes too.  We're all stocked up with staples, and some styles to move forward into Spring 2020 with.

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